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Bowie at the regional clubmatch
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On monday april 27th 2009 from the combination of

Winnie Wilson

Kato, pedigree

(Southhoods Sound of Music)

Bowie, pedigree

(Southhoods Zoran)

12 pups are born - one black and three brown males and four black and four brown bitches.

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On saturday october 4th 2008 from the combination of

Winnie Wilson

Sofie, pedigree

(Southhoods Singing in the Rain)

Colin, pedigree

(Devonshire French Harmony, VDH Champ)

6 pups are born - three bitches and three males.

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On sunday november 18th 2007 from the combination of

Winnie Wilson

Winnie, pedigree

(Southhoods Wingmaster's True Love)

Wilson, pedigree

(Devonshire Wilson Dream of the Hill)

4 pups are born - two bitches and two males.

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On mondag march 12th Stacy gave birth to seven pups, the mother and pups are healthy and well...

Stacy has seven new pups

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